May 15, 2018. Technical Edge and IoT Author: Richard Holmes

Smart IoT London

This blog certainly starts over 12 months ago, but you could argue that it actually starts back in 1935. 

However, going back to just March 2017 for the minute, Arrow found itself at one of the country’s biggest Cloud events – Cloud Expo – not once, but twice. 

In the cavernous Excel Arrow had two stands, one with the team from Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions and one with the teams from Arrow Global Components & Arrow Intelligent Solutions. 

One covering the world of IT and Cloud and one covering the world of OT... and Cloud.

Fast forward 12 months and some things remain the same.

Cloud Expo is still one of the biggest events on the technology calendar and Arrow was present. 

However, a lot has changed in the past year and the Arrow teams were together, sharing one stand.

Straddling the Cloud Expo and Smart IoT London zones, representing “One Arrow” and our relevance in this brave new world of the Internet of things. 

Why did we decide that this year’s presence would be on one stand? (managing the logistics of a single stand, organising & building one rather than two obviously had its benefits). 

Well, it was the evolving strategy of our company, mirrored in industry trends that we’ve seen that drove this new approach. 

In recent years, the collision of the worlds of “Operation Technology” and “Information Technology” has had much hype and many names – The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, M2M, Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Connected Systems, The Internet of Everything, the list goes on. 

However, there’s no escaping the fact that whatever we call it, it isn’t all hype.

It’s impacting every aspect of our lives and like it or not it’s here to stay.

Understanding this has enabled Arrow Electronics to create a strategy – One Arrow – that allows us to address a current and evolving trend whilst also encouraging the core elements of our business to jointly go to market. 

Teams and business units are collaborating as never before and there was no better example of this than our joint presence, engagements and messaging at 2018’s Smart IoT London.


Smart IoT London


So, we shared a stand and quite rightly you may ask “so what?”  

Well, unlike many stands and many events, what set Arrow apart over the cram-packed two days was a distinct lack of technological “demos”, static displays or machines, components and devices. 

Unlike previous years, the team from Arrow (notice I’ve dropped the plural?) didn’t talk about speeds and feeds, vendors and technologies.

We spoke to visitors about their businesses and the challenges and issues they faced in the quests to stay ahead of their competition, retain customers, deliver SLAs, provide new services, optimise resource, efficiently amd proactively manage assets, the list goes on.

So often, IoT is seen as a solution looking for a problem. 

However, by taking a different approach in the knowledge that we are able to fully leverage the skills, experience, resources and ecosystems that exist within Arrow, we are able to work with organisations – in partnership with vendors, suppliers and partners - to understand what challenges they face. 

From here, we can begin to bring to bear One Arrow to build a proposition that encompasses what we define as the “Sensor to Sunset” capabilities of our business.


Sensor to Sunset

All the way from the EDGE - from designing, engineering, prototyping sensors & devices, to specifying the optimum means of connectivity, to manufacture of appliances & hardware such as gateways & compute, plus device management, through to the CORE.

Designing the underlying service infrastructure, data management, cloud services such as AI and machine learning, business analytics and intelligence, cybersecurity, integration and IT solution delivery.

Arrow has access to a wealth of experience that we can trace back to our roots on Radio Row in 1935, skills and to technology vendors, partners and services that enable IoT solutions to become a successful reality for client organisations. 


Arrow Radio Row


This is a powerful message and one that continues to evolve as we learn more about client needs and challenges, engage with our partners and understand further their capabilities and bring more vendors into our ecosystem of IoT Innovators and as One Arrow does our part to bring together the worlds of OT and IT.

If your business has an IoT solution or strategy or if you have clients with challenges around how they address operational problems or transform, then contact Arrow for more information or to arrange a factfinding workshop.


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