October 09, 2018. Business NextGen Data Centre Author: Jon Layock

A Postcard from Madrid: Dell Technologies EMEA Tech Summit

What springs to mind when someone suggests: “Madrid, Spain, August”?

Maybe the heat? Tapas? Chorizo? Serrano ham? San Miguel? Sangria? Flamenco dancers?

Not for me this year, it was Dell Technologies EMEA Tech Summit.

“Tech Summit” is Dell Technologies annual gathering for its own and partner SEs.

This year it was a three-day event, with a goal of bringing together technical specialists from across Europe to learn and network.

Several Dell Technologies VP’s opened the proceedings, they were full of hype and excitement – and so they should be!

Market share is up, they’re #1 for many of their offerings, including servers and storage! Things are especially good in EMEA!


Dell Tech Summit 2018 Madrid


Once the opening execs sessions were concluded the main course began!

The agenda itself was like a tapas menu, with large variety to choose from, so much to taste.

AI was a popular offering, exploring what artificial intelligence is, how it can be maximised and the solutions that Dell EMC have in this arena, this includes the new “Ready Solutions for AI”. 

These packages are predesigned, tested, optimised for markets such as Healthcare, Financial services, Manufacturing, Energy, and several others. 

The AI sessions were a real eye-opener, how different organisations are leveraging the latest technologies.

One example that was demonstrated, was how organisations are leveraging AI and public data, such as social media, to identify individuals their age, sex, location and name to target them with their offerings. Note to self!

A generous session on smarter solutions and IoT was dished up, it’s amazing what some creative thinking, a handful of sensors, gateways, and a dashboard can do!

One produce provider was able to save millions of gallons of water per annum by using introducing a “smarter” watering scheme for their crops – sensors in the ground, reporting back the level of moisture, to an intelligent dashboard controlling when to water the plants and when to pause.

A healthcare provider discussed their “smart (hospital) beds” – and how these beds are used to monitor a patients movement, or lack of movement, whether the patient needed to be repositioned and the quality of their sleep. 

NVMe was next to the table, demonstrating the latest and greatest in the storage evolution.

NVMe is the “next generation” protocol for SSD and future storage media, delivering lower latency and a higher number of transactions.

NVMe is a fascinating topic (I’ve blogged about it before) and Dell EMC have an appetising end-to-end offering – servers, interconnect and storage all capable of leveraging the technological advances. 

NVMe is one to watch for the future, this is no flash in the pan, it’s here to stay!

Previous blog on NVMe: https://www.arrowthehub.co.uk/issues/emc/2018/dell-emc-february/nvme/




As with Spanish tapas cuisine, it just kept coming: HCI, VMware Hybrid Cloud, healthcare solutions, the latest in storage and data protection, and the climax of any celebration, not paella this time, the latest in server technology: PowerEdge MX7000 – Dell EMC’s latest modular server platform - more about this in the latest edition of The Hub.

My three-day Spanish fiesta provided a huge opportunity to sample Dell Technologies latest and greatest, learn and network with my peers.

Dell Technologies have a bright and delicious future; exciting times are ahead – I’m looking forward to consuming so much more!

P.S. Yes, I did actually partake in the Spanish culture too; tapas, paella, sangria and chorizo were all taken and I was entertained one evening by Flamenco dancers!

A very valuable Spanish adventure – as most postcards say: “Weather good”, 35-degree sunshine every day. “Wish you were here”?

Spanish clichés over.


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