October 02, 2018. Business Cloud Author: Ella Tomlin

Microsoft CSP is Changing, Keep Ahead of the Change

Are you aware that Microsoft CSP is changing?

From the 31st August 2018, Microsoft introduced new service requirements for Direct CSP Sellers – these require considerable investment from both a skills and financial perspective.

If you want to maintain your relationship as a direct CSP partner you will need to purchase a support package from Microsoft.

These offerings (Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners) start at $15K ranging up to $40K for larger organisations. Sounds like a large hit to your profits?  


So, what can Arrow do to help?

Partner with Arrow via the Indirect CSP model and let us take care of first line support for your organisation.

On average, a partner working with Arrow breaks even 4x faster than a direct CSP partner.

We manage your billing (no need for an expensive billing and metering platform), we manage your support (no need to spend $15K+ on a support package) and we have a comprehensive programme to help grow your cloud business.

Sounds like a no brainer, right?


It's time to advance your Microsoft Cloud practice today with Arrow

At Arrow, we recognise these changes are likely to affect your business and keep you awake at night!

Our dedicated Cloud team is here to support you.


Hot Air Balloon Inside


Did you know?

  • 57% of enterprises consider cloud a critical priority
  • 60% of enterprises use three or more cloud platforms

 You’re almost certainly wondering “why Arrow for Microsoft?” and “How can Arrow support us?” 


Two very good questions!

  • All partners are offered the oppor­tunity to enrol into our Arrow Cloud Enablement programme! To find out more about ACE visit our landing page and download our whitepaper.
  • Arrow ECS gives your organisation instant access to the most comprehensive technology line card available from a UK cloud distributor. With over 25 vendor offerings available via our ArrowSphere Cloud Marketplace and many more available through our wider organisation we can help you build truly differentiated multi-vendor solutions.
  • Looking for further differentiation? Leverage Arrow Value Recovery to recycle customer equipment as you transition them to your managed service. Arrow offers a comprehensive and compliant data deletion service as well as purchasing unwanted IT equipment. The profit available to your organisation can be cut back into your deals or passed onto your customer as a true ‘value add’.
  • Leverage our skills - we offer an end to end service model. Our pre-sales and post-sales specialists can assist you from initial consultation, planning and design, through engineering build and implantation.


Take a look at this!  

Working with Arrow is great. They provide superb customer support and insight — something I haven’t seen from other technology companies.”

Sylvain Boyer, President / CEO, Nuvollo


“The Arrow team places a priority on customer success... That’s been invaluable.”

Den Belkie, Founder and Cloud Influencer


Whatever concerns these Microsoft CSP changes cause you, don’t worry, Arrow is here to help, so give us a call! Or for further information download our white paper.


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