February 05, 2019. Business NextGen Data Centre Author: Jane Galleni

Growing Data, Smarter Management

As data volumes continue to grow at exponential rates, the necessity to better manage, protect and store data has become phenomenal.

IT departments are under increased pressure to source solutions that can provide instantaneous data delivery and application recovery, combined with better data accessibility needed for business intelligence and analytics.

Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery offers companies the ability to do just this.

From tracking and managing data without the hassle of micro-managing multiple locations; data level restrictions or platform limitations, it goes against more traditional methods and offers a scalable solution that is flexible and more cohesive with data capacities.


Viewed as a competitive advantage, data has now become a universal asset

Valued by how well companies leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies.

“All companies are data businesses now,” American technology market researchers, Forrester says, while predicting that more companies will attempt to drive value and revenue from their data.

The International Institute for Analytics estimates that businesses using data will gain $430 billion in productivity benefits vs their data-deprived competitors, by 2020.

With mounting pressures to manage prevailing cyberattacks, deliver customer-centric data and gain a competitive advantage; better data recovery and backup has become more prominent than ever before.

To combat the rising demand for systems that can unify data functionalities and have the capacity to protect, store and manage excessive amounts of data; one solution has everyone talking.

Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery gives companies simple and scalable data protection offering greater data flexibility, protection, accessibility and most importantly, better cost efficiencies.

Taking the industry by storm, technology leaders, Commvault, recognise the ever-growing data challenges companies regularly face, has redefined how progressive enterprises protect, manage and use data.


Folders with coloured clips

No longer is data just created, collected, stored and archived accordingly

Instead, data has become one of the most valued assets across businesses worldwide.

Subsequently, the need to manage data from beginning to end is multi-functional; with companies recognising potential opportunity through each stage of their data’s lifecycles.

Through comprehensive data protection and management capabilities, Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery enables companies to manage data differently with the capacity to protect the entire production storage infrastructure. 

From high-end data security to multi-functioning processing, instantaneous data accessibility to immediate application recovery, Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery immediately addresses the overwhelming pain points IT departments struggle with daily.

Growing data, smarter management. 

Get in touch with your Arrow ECS Commvault team here to find out more.



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