March 28, 2019. Podcasts Edge and IoT Author: Izzy Benasso

Bandwidth On Point Takeover | Episode 6 - Manufacturing

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Bandwidth On Point Takeover | Episode 6 - Manufacturing

Izzy is joined in this episode of this series by Rebecca Sendall, Industrial IoT Segment Solution Leader with Arrow to talk about how we take the “sensor to sunset” message to market as we evolve from a distributor to a technology solution aggregator.

Rebecca and Izzy discuss what encompasses the “industrial” vertical, from manufacturing environments to oil and gas or mining and how IoT allows business to leverage data to optimise their assets and inventory more efficiently and effectively in our increasingly fast paced world.

Listen to Rebecca’s view on how digital transformation needs to include cultural mindset transformation within these often traditional businesses and much more as we bring this “On Point” takeover of Bandwidth to a close.

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Izzy Benasso, Supplier Marketing IoT at Arrow


Rebecca Sendel, Industrial IoT Segment Solution Leader Supplier Marketing - IOT at Arrow @RSendel


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