March 12, 2019. Business NextGen Data Centre Author: Lee Dunn

Being a Disruptor in the Market

Lee Dunn, Arrow NetApp Business Sector Manager gives his insight on how partners can be disruptive.


What does it mean to be disruptive?

Many disruptive forces are seen and thought of as a negative thing and when I think of disruption, I think of it as a force that stops me from doing something.

Traffic on the M6 stopping me getting home, my new baby waking me up at 2am to feed stopping me sleeping and a cold call stopping me from finishing a task at work.

The literal definition is full of negative superlatives ‘troublemaking, troublesome, unruly, rowdy, disorderly, undisciplined, attention-seeking, riotous, wild, turbulent.’

However, on the flip side, being ‘disruptive’ has many positive connotations.

The dictionary also describes being disruptive is to be ‘innovative or ground-breaking’ and that is how I like to look at disruptors.


Disruption for change

Being from the Republic of Mancunia I come from a city whose core DNA is built on famous disruptors who have changed the world and the market they have played in.

Emiline Pankhurst, one of the founding suffragettes who fought for womens' right to vote, Alan Turing the inventor of the Enigma machine that was fundamental in breaking the secret German code to help win the Second World War.

In more modern times we have Tony Wilson, aka Mr Manchester the creator of the Hacienda and Factory records who changed Manchester nightlife and music scene forever and who was famous for saying ‘this is Manchester, we do things differently here!’

All had different objectives, but they disrupted the status quo of their fields and were a beacon for fundamental and everlasting change.

Think Different Concept


Disruption in Technology

It’s something I preach to the partners we supply and work with, be disruptive in your target market, utilising Arrow’s resources to drive everlasting change in your space.

If we look even closer to home within the NetApp business unit at Arrow, Gartner see NetApp’s HCI solution as a ‘evolutionary disruptor in the market’.

Some may see that NetApp are able to break out the compute from the storage as something of an impact on the ‘true’ HCI title, NetApp and Arrow see this as the ability to leverage this disruption to your advantage, seeding the Compute into a consolidation opportunity and return later for the storage is one example.

NetApp have changed the game by also referring to HCI as ‘Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure’ instead of the usual ‘Hyper Converged’ as many other vendors do, giving customers a real sense of where the technology plays in the market and once again giving NetApp patrons and new customers the ability to tap into NetApp’s Data Fabric message and portfolio.


“How will Arrow help me be disruptive?” I hear you cry

Well our core business is changing, we are seeing a meld of our two businesses Electronics and ECS to develop innovative solutions that we can support our partners go to market with.

IoT, AI and HCI are just some of the areas where we are building solutions, underpinned by NetApp, that our partner community are taking to new markets and creating new eco-systems for their future business.

The core principles the business development team support the partners with also disrupts the status quo or what a distributor normally does, our principles are built on 5 pillars - Create, Develop, Drive, Manage and Close.

Creation of plans and innovate solutions. Development of engagement models with the vendor and new markets. Driving of the execution of the strategy and solutions to supplement margin growth. Finally, the final two pillars managing the credit, logistics and delivery of the technology.


Arrow Partnership 


So, ask yourself, are you going to be a disruptor, are you going to wake from the norm to forge a new path and are you going to be utilising NetApp and Arrow to deliver the change into the market?


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