March 05, 2019. Business NextGen Data Centre GDPR Author: Jane Galleni

Can Data Backup and Recovery Take on Data Compliance?

Did you know that only 40% of businesses feel they are ready to respond to a government investigation and an incredible 80% of firms will not fully comply with GDPR?

GDPR, the most talked about subject since Brexit!

With the latest regulations shaping data compliance, companies are no longer able to get away with adequate data storage measures.

Faced with potential extortionate penalties, poor data collection and handling can no longer be ignored.

Businesses are forced to adopt smarter and more secure techniques to avoid devastating impact on revenue, resources and industry reputation, not to mention how it can affect the end user.

As a result of last year’s change to data compliance, companies are now observed by how they integrate data security, store and manage data and explain why data needs to be retained and not disposed of.  




Taking the industry by storm, backup and recovery expert, Commvault has radically changed the way data is stored and managed. 

Known as the Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery, it has redefined how progressive enterprises protect, manage and use data.

Giving customers hybrid IT control, service delivery automation, recovery confidence, risk reduction and complete enterprise protection, it offers simplicity and scalability from day one.

The introduction of a wider scope of data protection rights; giving consumers more responsibility over how their data is managed and controlled, the GDPR has radically changed how companies access and utilise data of European citizens, making it easier for the public to protect data online, yet harder for business leaders to monitor and store sensitive data.


The Value of Data

Recognised as one of the most valuable assets to a company, data has superseded its original positioning.

The use of data has increased dramatically over the last ten years and the latest compliance update has reinforced just how valuable data really is.

However, with data value on the increase, security risks have become imminent to businesses worldwide.

A challenge that market leader in data backup and recovery, Commvault, understands only too well.


Services Concept 


An engine of digital transformation, the Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery radically changes the data management structure; giving companies the ability to manage data at scale and tackle security threats from one platform.

Most importantly it gives customers the simplicity and freedom to manage and use data in line with business growth and compliance regulations.

Critical to the success of company longevity, Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery enables customers to align their business strategies with data.

From minimising errors in data processing, increasing working efficiency, to protection from data related problems, this shift in managing data gives companies the ability to streamline all business processes safely and efficiently.

The importance is not just in how data management is executed but how data management brings together the functionalities and capabilities of data complexities in one central place, securely and effectively.

A feat, Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery has already steamrolled through!

Get in touch with your Arrow ECS Commvault team here to find out more.

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