EMC | December 2015



What is MyQuotes?

MyQuotes is EMC’s new quoting tool used by the Channel, which will replace both Channel xPress (CxP) and Direct xPress (DxP) in January 2016.

When will MyQuotes be launched?

MyQuotes will be launched on the 10th January 2016 and will be available to Partner users on that date.

Will there be a disruption to quoting/order booking during the transition to MyQuotes?

Yes, there will be a ‘blackout’ period from January 1st 2015 until January 10th where electronic orders will not be able to be placed on EMC. You can work with your Partner Support Centre during this time for any urgent escalations as normal.

Why is Channel xPress being replaced?

To support EMC’s continuing growth, they need a powerful, flexible tool to allow them to work with their Partner community as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. After speaking to a large population of their current Channel xPress users to take feedback on its failings they considered the requirements you would like to see in a quoting tool – MyQuotes is the result!

EMC have addressed many of the issues that their quoting users see today and have introduced some new functionalities that we are very excited about. In MyQuotes, the Channel will be able to effortlessly collaborate with EMC representatives and they have automated many of their processes to give you an enjoyable user experience when working with EMC.

What will happen to my Deal Registrations when MyQuotes is launched?

All of your approved Deal Registrations will be available for linking in MyQuotes when it is available, regardless of whether they were previously linked to a Channel xPress cart or not. You will not have to resubmit any approved deal registration or unlink any registrations from CxP quotes.

Where will I submit Deal Registrations in 2016?

There is no change to the Deal Registration process. You will still submit and manage your Deal Registrations through Arrow ECS as you do today.