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Welcome to Issue 10 of IBM on The Hub. This edition we have an overview of the key focus areas for the quarter. Plus we have information about the promotions and incentives running and details of the IBM Innovation Centre.

IBM Innovation Centre

If you want to develop at speed, extend your product range, and work alongside IBM experts, it’s time you stepped inside the IBM Innovation Centre at Hursley. The services and expertise at the IBM Innovation Centre are free to IBM Partners and can help you improve your skills, build solutions and reach new clients and markets.

Step inside the Centre to:

  • Access state-of-the-art IBM hardware and software.
  • Use our specialist labs
  • Leverage IBM’s expertise
  • Market and sell your solution

If you’d like to find out more about the Innovation Centre or arrange a visit, please contact your IBM account team.


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Free, As A Service, online training

As A Service Essentials is a new suite of e-learning modules for IBM Business Partners that provide both the knowledge and support to identify, progress and close SaaS/XaaS opportunities.

The modules are a mix of conversation guides, use cases, references and seller testimonials. The modules are intended to enable you to position the value of As A Service to your clients, respond to their questions and close XaaS opportunities more quickly. The modules also align IBM's XaaS offerings with the needs of the client.

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Software Value Plus (SVP) is now Channel Value Rewards (CVR)

In April, Software Value Plus (SVP) became Channel Value Rewards (CVR). The change is part of a simplification that will see software channel incentive payments align to Commercial, Enterprise, and Industry customer segments. Incentives will now be aligned within three primary categories:

  1. rewards for customer set focus and coverage

  2. rewards for registering & selling / assisting; registering & selling to new customers

  3. rewards for deployment of solutions

Full details of all the changes can be found on PartnerWorld, or speak to your Arrow team who will be happy to help.

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IBM Certification

IBM Professional Certifications ensure that you and your team stay up to speed on the most recent technologies and solutions. They let you know that your team are developing and are able to fulfil a job, duty or task, plus, Clients can have confidence that you’re qualified to recommend and design their solution.

Certifications are available across the full product portfolio and cover topics from Cloud and Watson to Cognitive and Security.

A study of the return on investment for IBM Certification from approximately 200 Business Partners (cross disciplines & cross platforms) indicated positive results for business including improved:

PROFITABILITY: Positive effect on sales volumes, profitability, and ability to close a sale

PRODUCTIVITY: Reduces the time it takes to perform various tasks

CREDIBILITY: Positive effect on customer satisfaction

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Tune in

At Arrow we’ve got lots of ways to keep in touch and up to date with what’s happening in the industry. Our two podcasts, Arrow Bandwidth and The IT Insider offer insight and opinion from across the industry.

Arrow Bandwidth is a weekly podcast brought to you by David Fearne and Richard Holmes along with a host of guest presenters. Designed to help the channel better understand the trends, technologies and concepts facing the IT industry today, the team tackle a new topic each edition.

The new podcast from The IT Insider provides industry insight from Arrow and our Partners. Our newest issues can be accessed on Soundcloud, or subscribe on iTunes.

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